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​15 minutes to do quantitative room drawing


15 minutes to do quantitative room drawing

Measuring room is a necessary step for home decoration and the first step for decoration. Perhaps some heads of household will ask: why do we need to measure rooms uniformly? It is OK to measure one by one during decoration. In fact, a comprehensive room measurement is carried out before the decoration to facilitate the planning of home decoration. The decoration company, designer and owner participate in the accurate measurement and recording of the size of the home space, which not only facilitates the designer's reasonable design of the house, but also facilitates the owner to be confident when buying materials.

1. Measuring room also stresses ideas

There are two measuring ideas for general measuring rooms: quantitative measurement, which mainly measures the length, width and height of each space and calculates the area of the whole space; Positioning measurement mainly indicates the size of doors, windows, air conditioning holes and other positions, as well as the distance between water pipes, smoke pipes, gas pipes, etc. and the wall and ground, so as to facilitate later installation and positioning.

2. Measuring room sequence

First, start from the entrance door, turn around for measurement, and finally return to the other side of the entrance door. The general order is from left to right; Then measure from the room closest to the door, and turn around from the door; If it is a multi-storey building, attention must be paid to measuring from one floor to another.

3. Length and height measurement

When measuring the height and length of the house, the tape must be close to the ground and the wall. Generally, the floor height is fixed. You can also check whether there is any error in the floor height when measuring.

4. Door and window positioning measurement

To complete the length and height measurement of a space, it is necessary to measure the size of doors and windows, as well as the spacing between the doors and windows and the left and right sides of the wall and the ceiling.

Today, the designer of our Kechuang measuring room artifact came to a vacant residential area to demonstrate the application of measuring room artifact in tooling.

Measurement technology of mobile phone controlled rangefinder

Kechuang measuring room artifact's unique mobile phone controlled distance measuring instrument measurement technology can help designers achieve one person measuring room.

15 minutes to do quantitative room drawing, decoration and measurement room is no longer a headache

15 minutes to do quantitative room drawing

Place the rangefinder on the ground and click the mobile phone to control the rangefinder for measurement without the assistance of others.

Photo marking function

quantitative room drawing

Places that cannot be represented on the plan can be identified with the function of photographing and marking.

After a while, our designer has measured out the whole house type.

decoration and measurement room is no longer a headache

Click the data of the drawing, and all kinds of information of the house will be counted automatically, which is convenient for the designer to understand the house information and on-site quotation.

Decorated measuring room

After drawing, the drawings can be transferred to the computer for design and rendering with one click. You can also view VR effect drawings on your mobile phone. It is convenient and fast, and at the same time, it gives customers a better experience.

quantitative room drawing

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