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What is the best cable and pipe locator?


What is the best cable and pipe locator?

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

The Cable Fault Locator (also known as the Cable Fault Tester) is a menu-driven microprocessor designed for ease of use. Based on the principle of effective reflectometry (TDR/pulse reflection), the location of short-circuit faults, cross-faults and ground faults in any metal, telecom, signal, power plastic cable can be accurately measured in the time domain.

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

Small in size and light in weight, it is most suitable for field applications. It uses the most advanced digital technology to achieve accurate fault location of underground metal cables and plastic cables. Advanced circuits employ high-speed sampling for higher echo resolution.

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

The cable fault locator has a unique feature that automatically places the measurement cursor on the fault point in automatic mode. This makes it completely user friendly and any operator with minimal knowledge can successfully locate the fault.

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

Just select the mode you want to use and distance, gain and range are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Just move the cursor to the wrong location to find it. Cable TV maintenance personnel can reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor intensity.

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

It is suitable for short-circuit and pilot-test holding open-circuit cable fault location signal network cables in power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, electric power and other industries.

What is the best cable and pipe locator?

working principle

Electromagnetic frequency pulses with fast rise times are reflected back through the cable back to the fault channel/remote with impedance mismatch or change. The velocity of propagation (VOP) of each particle is set according to the size and material of the cable, then the calculated distance to the fault is automatically displayed on the LCD.

Here I will introduce you a very mature underground cable tester tool:

Underground Cable Tester, Wire Tester Portable Locator Wire Tracker , Detecting Wall and Underground Cables, Electrical Lines, Gas and Water Supply Pipeline Path

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  • Detecting cables, electrical lines-water/gas supply pipelines buried in wall or earth

  • Detecting and Locating breaks and short circuit in cables and electrical lines buried in wall or underground.

  • Detecting the laid metal tap water pipe and metal heating pipe.

  • Detecting interruptions and short-circuits in floor heating.

  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits,tracing sockets and junction boxes having accidentally been covered by plastering.

  • The transmitter is integrated with the function of AC/DC voltmeter, which can measure 12 to 400V AC/DC voltage on a linear basis.

  • Our products are included in English, if you have any difficulties in use, you can contact us to solve it.

Brand NameLiang Fang Shen Qi
Included ComponentsPCB
Measurement AccuracyGOOD
Measurement TypeVoltmeter
Number of Items1
Part NumberKC826
Power Source TypeGas Powered
UNSPSC Code41113600


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