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How to check underground cables?


How to check underground cables?

How to check underground cables?

The cables buried in the ground are generally measured by a shaking meter, that is, a megohmmeter. Disconnect the power supply, connect the three-phase conductors of the cable with the line terminals of the megohmmeter, and connect the grounding terminal to the grounding electrode or the thinnest grounding wire in the cable. Then shake the megohmmeter, if the line is grounded, the needle must be zero, and the insulation resistance value is displayed on the dial.

To check whether there is an open circuit in the cable, generally measure with a multimeter, turn off the power supply, and then connect the three-phase disconnected lines at the output end, and then measure the resistance value of the three-phase wire at the input end. If the resistance value is very low, the cable is not open circuit. If it is very high, there is an open circuit in the cable core.

The following is a professional cable tester tool that many people have used:

How to check underground cables?

Underground Cable Tester, Wire Tester Portable Locator Wire Tracker , Detecting Wall and Underground Cables, Electrical Lines, Gas and Water Supply Pipeline Path

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How to check underground cables?

  • Detecting cables, electrical lines-water/gas supply pipelines buried in wall or earth

  • Detecting and Locating breaks and short circuit in cables and electrical lines buried in wall or underground.

  • How to check underground cables?

  • Detecting the laid metal tap water pipe and metal heating pipe.

  • Detecting interruptions and short-circuits in floor heating.

  • How to check underground cables?

  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits,tracing sockets and junction boxes having accidentally been covered by plastering.

  • How to check underground cables?

  • The transmitter is integrated with the function of AC/DC voltmeter, which can measure 12 to 400V AC/DC voltage on a linear basis.

  • How to check underground cables?

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